Retrospective 2017

by Brad Aubin

For seniors forced to leave their home and enter a long-term care (LTC) facility, it can be difficult to adjust to an institutional setting with less personal space and no backyard or garden to call their own. Now, those living at the WN General Hospital’s LTC ward don’t have to give up outdoor living and fresh air, thanks to the addition of a brand new green space just for them, complete with cozy seating, plants and flowers, a gazebo and raised garden beds.

WN General Hospital staff was filled with pride last Thursday, Aug. 3, as Hospital Foundation board members were joined by Caisse populaire Sturgeon Falls director Julie Duhaime to unveil the brand new long-term care (LTC) courtyard before a crowd of beaming patients, residents and community guests.

The project, in the works for over a year, has finally come to fruition and the residents were thrilled as they sat outside on their brand new chairs, couches and swings while hospital CEO Cytnhia Desormiers addressed the gathering.
“Caisse populaire Sturgeon Falls has once again proven its commitment to strengthening the community of West Nipissing through its support of our community hospital,” raved Desormiers. “Today, the WNGH, the Caisse populaire, and the LTC residents are officially celebrating the grand opening of the LTC courtyard.”

The vision became a reality thanks to the donation of $100,000 from the Caisse populaire in December of 2016.

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