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A lift to the top

Shown above is Claudie Ouellette (left) on the podium with her provincial silver medal Saturday, April 14.

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by Brad Aubin

After her recent success at a North Bay power lifting championship, Claudie Ouellette decided it was time to take on athletes from across the province in the Scholastic Weightlifting Challenge held at Canadore College, Saturday, April 14. This time, her focus would be on Olympic Lifting, which featured both a snatch and clean and jerk lifts. The Grade 10 Franco-Cité student earned second place with a 36kg snatch lift and a 55 kg clean and jerk. She battled six other women in her 67kg category. Long time coach and teacher Angèle Piquette was ecstatic with the results. 

“The participants were from all across the province and varied in age. She competed against high school students as well as college and university students. The young lady who won was from Brock University, so it’s very impressive to see how well she’s done,” beams Piquette. “She’s the only one in our morning weight lifting program who knows the lifts well enough to compete. We never want students to get hurt... but she was ready. She’s been practicing the lifts now for over a year, and over the last 3 weeks we’ve worked extensively on her technique. To see her do so well is so great. A couple of years ago she discovered a passion for weight lifting – and I believe she saw how much it helped her health at all levels, and how much it helps with all sorts of things. Now she tells us she will continue and wants to commit to the sport because of how it makes her feel. I don’t believe she was looking to be a young star in the sport – but through her hard work and perseverance, she’s found that success!” 

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