Retrospective 2017

by Brad Aubin

The West Nipissing Child Care Corporation (WNCCC) is in the giving spirit this holiday season, as their Winter Coat Exchange program is in full swing.

For the past few years, the initiative has seen community members donate winter coats, toques, mitts, ski pants and other cold weather apparel, and others come in to pick up what they need for free. Lucie Bureau, Childhood Practitioner at the WNCCC, says the program is booming.

“We’ve had lots of people come and donate coats and mitts, toques, boots, all sorts of things – and people have been using the program. It’s for anybody in need! We have a good amount of everything, and encourage anyone who needs anything to please come over and pick something out,” she urges.

The program has been running since October 10 and will continue into December, and the WNCCC is encouraging anyone who has extra to donate, and anyone who needs extra to stop in.

“This isn’t for a select group of people – it’s for anyone who’s in need! It’s in demand and lots of people are using the service, and we want to make sure that anyone who needs a coat this winter, or boots, or mittens, gets them.”

The WNCCC is also helping parents with their baby’s needs. “We also have diapers that we have been collecting for parents in need. A while ago, a young man came to us as a last resort – he needed diapers for his child. We had a few in stock so we gave some to him, but afterwards I went to my boss and said that there was a need and that’s when we started “Project Clean Bottom.” We collect diapers, wipes as well as formula. So just like the winter wear, anyone who is in need for these products, please come see us at the Child and Family centre at 131 Michaud St. in Sturgeon, we’re a small community, and we want to do our part in making sure that everyone is warm, and every baby has a clean diaper,” concludes Bureau.

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A little give and take for a warmer winter

Lucie Bureau and Chantal Bigras, both employees of the WN Child Care Corporation, show off the many coats donated for this year’s Winter Coat Exchange.

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