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by Isabel Mosseler

The recent surge in artistic endeavours continues to add colour to the downtown core of Sturgeon Falls. The latest addition, completed last week, is a vivid floral mural painted on the back fence of the Joie de Vivre Place, facing King Street. The private parking lot between the Tribune building and Food in Bins store is owned by Stuart Seville and Gayle Primeau, with the latter heavily invested in beautifying the downtown over the past few years.

The new artwork, including paint, materials, inspiration and time, was donated by Art Studio entrepreneurs Aimée Rivet and Cole Baker. The project itself was over a year in the making. “It was originally a project intended to be done with the West Nipissing Community Health Centre, with the elders, and it got bumped when all the volunteers got busy with the IPM. This year, we were going to do it again, but then Covid. We decided we just wanted to get it done,” explains Primeau.
Into the breach stepped two local artists.

Aimée Rivet, who goes by Alexandre Aimée as her artist profile, has been involved in interactive community mural projects for many years, stretching from Ottawa to Chelmsford. She and Baker opened their Artist Studio in Sturgeon Falls about a year ago and began imagining ways to contribute to the area through art. “We worked on the sketch for this about a year ago… With everything happening this year, we decided to bring some colour, and the timing was perfect.”

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Artists Cole Baker and Aimée Rivet transformed a 20-metre wide fence into a colourful flower garden in downtown Sturgeon Falls. The two operate the Art Studio in Sturgeon Falls.

Artists infuse colour and life into downtown SF