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notre jeunesse !

by Isabel Mosseler

When Shari Batt, a sales agent with Royal LePage in Sturgeon Falls, decided to launch a fundraiser called Bowling For Shelter, she had no idea how successful the event would turn out this past Saturday, November 18 at Chatelanes Bowling. The event grossed about $6,200, with six teams of 12 participating in fun play. Net proceeds for the event are yet to be determined, but the money will come in handy for the local women’s shelter, Horizon Centre.

“I’ve been looking for different ways to introduce myself to the community, and to help support the community. When I heard about [Horizon director] Linda [Lafantaisie-Renaud]’s plight, about the shelter being full or near capacity all the time, I thought it would be great to have a fundraiser for whatever she needs. It turns out it’s food.”

Batt and her organizing partners, Mona Noël and Lafantaise-Renaud, rolled up their sleeves. “It’s been such an amazing time working with these ladies. We came up with the idea of the bowling event as a way for people to get involved and raise awareness, and it came together so well. (…) The Bowling for Shelter is the first time I’ve done any kind of fundraising. …We sold tickets. The idea was that people could come by themselves or in a team... If they came by themselves we would find a team for them to bowl. Mona arranged the pre-registered people so we could get the teams organized in advance. …A total of 100 people showed up despite the snow. It was a fantastic turnout!”  

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Mona Noel, Melanie Noel, Linda Lafantaisie Renaud and Josée Parr greeted the 100 people who showed up to Chatelanes Bowling during last Saturday’s blizzard for a fundraiser for local women’s shelter, Horizon Centre. The event grossed over $6,000.

Bowling to help women find shelter from violence