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International Women's Day 2019



by Isabel Mosseler

Local students are already getting involved with the 2019 International Plowing Match & Rural Expo (IPM), with an innovative partnership that is educational, useful and creative. Both local high schools, Franco-Cité and É.s.p. Northern as well as Collège Boréal-Sudbury are working to build 200 benches in their wood/construction shops. The benches will then be sold as part of a sponsorship program, and will be placed at the IPM grounds for visitors to enjoy before being given to their sponsor. 

It may seem a small thing, a bench, but these benches bring people together. Bruno Roy of Sturgeon Falls is the one responsible for delivering all the materials to the different wood shops and working with the various partners. “Last winter, I was talking to Jovette [Morin, Chair of IPM Fundraising] to ask if she needed any help. This past summer she called about a little project, because I know construction, and asked me to be in charge of this. I said sure – it’s a slow time right now, and I said I wouldn’t mind giving a hand as a volunteer.” Roy is a general contractor and has been going for several years with the Franco-Cité mission project in Jamaica to build small houses. He and Jovette Morin were on the mission together last year. “The bench project is to raise funds for the IPM, and that’s why they wanted to involve the schools, and it doesn’t cost the schools anything. It helps the kids create something they will see at the IPM and around the municipality.” It’s about learning skills with a directed goal. “They will have a product they can be proud of,” he sums up.

Catherine Levac-Lafond, Lead Coordinator with the IPM, explains that sponsors buy a bench for $450 and they get to keep the bench after the event, with the customized plaque. E.s. Northern had their woodworking classes during the first semester, so they started with the standard blueprint under the tutelage of teacher Joël Desormiers, while Franco-Cité is starting this semester under the guidance of teacher Michel Laurin. 

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Building benches, and bridges, for the IPM

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