Cats save homeowners from destructive fire

by Brad Aubin

A local family lost their home and everything in it after a fire destroyed their two storey house in Cache Bay in the early morning hours of Jan. 17, but fortunately everyone got out safely after being alerted by their two cats, who jumped onto the bed and woke up Guy Lachance and his wife, Angele.

“My wife sleeps with some ear plugs in because she’s a very light sleeper and I sleep through everything... so lucky for us, our cats crawled into bed and woke us up,” recounts Guy Lachance. “We scooped our cats up and left the house immediately. We were standing in the driveway in our PJ’s... I’ve volunteered as a firefighter for over 20 years, and despite all of that experience, I called the cop station at 753-1234 instead of the firemen. It just goes to show you how it affects you when you’re in the thick of it!”

Lachance tried to go back into the home to get a few belongings, like his safe with their passports and his father-in-law’s urn, but he couldn’t take more than a few steps inside until the smoke turned him away.

“We didn’t recover absolutely anything from the home. I had no idea where to start... I was just running around in the parking lot waiting for them to show up. Luckily, both of my boys (Gary, 27, and Jordan, 25) were out of town working. As difficult as this is to process, it’s a blessing that they weren’t in the home, and the cats came to us. If those cats didn’t wake us up when they did, maybe I wouldn’t be talking to you today. Maybe it just wasn’t our time...”

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