notre jeunesse !

by Brad Aubin

If you’ve driven or walked down Main St. the past couple of weeks, you’ve surely noticed local artists painting a mural, which is really shaping up into a beautiful downtown attraction.

The project is another beautification effort initiated by resident Gayle Primeau, who heads the Sturgeon Falls Beautification Group. Primeau and her team of volunteers have been on a mission to beautify the downtown core by cleaning up the streets, adding garbage bins and benches, greenery and flowers. Primeau has also spearheaded two mural projects over the last two summers, one at Dino’s Dairy Bar and Deli, and the building on the corner of John and Main. This is her third mural.

“My father used to tell me about a town in British Columbia, where tourists would get off the bus and look at the murals, and that always stuck with me. So when I made the Beautification Committee I made various goals for myself. One of them was to do murals in the community. I got the go ahead and support from council and Lynn Duhaime, so over the course of last winter I looked at various buildings that would be a good fit. In February or March... I approached Mel at Mel’s Glow Tanning and asked her if it would be ok to use her building for one. It has a soft spot for me as it’s the old library. She was all for it and then we found an artist to do the original design (Christine Cooling). Once the building got repaired, we were ready to start! Unfortunately Christine couldn’t continue... so Suzanne Brouillette and Raymonde Gaudette have taken the helm.”

The mural’s theme is beautification, and the setting will be of a street with a restaurant, town houses, and people sweeping, picking up leaves, and working to beautify their community. Most of the elements are already visible, and people will even recognize some familiar silhouettes – like Primeau herself walking her dog Coco!

 “Things always change a little bit – the artists will put their touch on the piece. But it’s going to be people walking their dogs, sweeping, sitting at a cafe... something like that,” says Primeau, also thanking Charles Goulard and Rona Goulard Building Supplies who donated all the paints. 

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Artist Raymonde Gaudette adds a familiar figure to the Main Street mural, painting the silhouette of the project initiator, Gayle Primeau, walking her dog Coco

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