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Winter Home Guide

Simply Rouge
by Anne Gingras

It’s Valentine’s day on Sunday. To me, it should be a holiday, for I think it is the most beautiful day of the year. I live for it. I dream of it. I am inspired by it. It’s about celebrating the people in my life whom I love dearly: my husband, my children, my family and friends. It’s about celebrating Life to its fullest, with all the ups and downs. I may not go out and buy things to share, but in my heart, I feel that extra burst of love on this special day.

It saddens me that some people do not have that one great love in their lives. I see my parents who are the living incarnation of the Notebook movie. I am blessed to be with my husband who spoils me throughout the year. And then I see a generation of teens who are no longer affected by romance or special moments, for perhaps their parents have forgotten or do not have the luxury of knowing such events. Of course, those are things I cannot change or control. I am only able to control my own path and do so, enjoying this day to the fullest.

Pessimists will tell you that this day is just a money-grab. That true love does not exist. That it is over-rated… I will not join their sulking. To me, it will always be a day to remember how much Life and Love are precious – and how truly blessed I am to have both.

So here are my plans for this special day (which happens to fall on Family Weekend, no less): I will embrace Life. Thank the Universe for my husband, my children, my family and my friends. I will hug them, call them or simply think of them. I will Love my precious moments at school with my teens, send warm thoughts to the pessimists who no longer believe in the romance of the day, and perhaps spread a little extra joy in my own personal circles.

I love Life. I love myself. I love Love… and most importantly, I LOVE Valentine’s day. Have a great one!

Roses are red, romance is ‘Rouge’                 

Winter Home Guide
Winter Home Guide
Winter Home Guide