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by Isabel Mosseler

West Nipissing, and especially Verner, is going all out to look beautiful and welcoming for the 2019 International Plowing Match and the 80,000 visitors expected next month.

Flag lines, scarecrows, welcome posts, lamppost banners, antique tractor displays and barn quilts, the whole community is joining in the beautification efforts. A short drive through the town of Verner and the neighbouring countryside reveals the enthusiasm and pride, and IPM Beautification Committee chair Alicia Giroux believes there will be even more evidence of that enthusiasm in the short weeks to come.

“I’m getting pretty excited,” she raves. “Almost all of the barn quilts have been put up and the people in the community have really got on board with that. People are doing large ones, smaller ones, some just on posts… people are joining in.” The momentum is building. “People in Verner are decorating and it’s looking really nice. The flag lines look really nice, and people can make their own as well. I’ve seen a lot of that; different shades, purple and green. I’m really happy with it.”

Giroux notes that people have also been painting their own barn quilts, small sizes as well as the larger 8x8 squares. “We’ve been working on a barn quilt tour pamphlet that is going to be ready just before the IPM. We have at least twenty 8x8 barn quilts.” Those quilts may prove to be a long-term attraction as well, as tourists still take the barn quilt tour in New Liskeard ten years after the 2009 IPM. Giroux says that New Liskeard boasts almost 90 barn quilts, and this area has potential to match that in years to come as anyone can get on board at any time – even after the IPM 2019 – and they will be included in future tour pamphlets. “We’re really happy with that, even seeing the smaller ones puts a smile on my face.”

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