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Construction begins on Lavigne waterfront park

The land is situated in the area of the docks and boat launch in Lavigne, with some elevated area, a rocky outcropping, and a field closer to the town. The lease runs at $2 a year and was initially developed as a 10-year lease, with 5 years left on that term. Gaunt added that the municipality owns part of the park; the boat launch and the rock.  

The project has been broken up in three phases. This summer will see the installation of cement pads with picnic tables and benches, hibachi-style charcoal barbecues on stands, flower beds, some signage, and six community vegetable garden beds. The beds will be manually irrigated. “We’re getting a big plastic cube for potable water… to do the community gardens and water the flower beds. For the community gardens, we’re creating 6 beds and people can sign up for the beds – we’re making some a little bit smaller so kids can have them,” Gaunt explained.

 Jean Roberge added “They will be about 8’ long, 4’ wide, and 16-inches high, pressure treated wood. There might be more or less, we’ll start with four and maybe eventually have 8.”

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by Isabel Mosseler

The Lavigne Waterfront Park has been a long-time dream for the small community, and it is about to become reality this summer. Jean Roberge, operations director for the park project, plans to start construction on June 1st and be finished phase 1 by the end of July.

The directors of the Lavigne Community Centre (CCL), Carolyn Gaunt, Lynne Jobin, Liette Moran, John LeRoy and Bill Gaves met with their municipal council representative Guy Fortier on Saturday morning, May 27 to go over the details. They were excited about initiating the first of three phases on this ambitious project, which has been in the works since 2010.

CCL president Carolyn Gaunt provided some history. “This is what we presented to the Caisse in Verner. … The park idea started in 2010 and, for initial plans done with West Nipissing, they got a grant. Then the architect did his conceptual plans. There was a committee that did a fundraising drive through the CCL, they did some work, but it ended up not going anywhere.  …When we got on board last fall, the park idea was one that kept coming up. We though ‘Okay, let’s find out about it.’ We looked into the lease, chatted with the municipality and the Caisse, and  [Caisse populaire de Verner] generously donated $25K to the project. The land belongs to the Diocese of Sault Ste Marie, and the municipality holds the lease.”

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