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by Eric Thompson


December 9, 2020 

West Nipissing Council won’t be pursuing a suggestion from a resident to develop a public beach area on the old Dutrisac Cottages property.

Though council touted the idea brought forward by Stuart Seville as a good one, the potential cost of acquiring the land and transforming it into a conservation area turned members away before a plan could even get off the ground.

“The idea is excellent, however due to financial issues and need, priorities have been identified otherwise,” said Mayor Joanne Savage while summarizing council’s position.

The matter was on the agenda for the Nov. 17 meeting, and Seville was disappointed it didn’t even make it to a feasibility study in order to attract investment by other levels of government.

“I wanted them to be open and accessible to the idea,” said Seville following the decision. “If the township had the money, that would’ve been great; but I was looking at a multi-government investment into this, even possibly private and even possibly corporate. But I did need the town to be open to it.”​

The lot in question, three acres of commercially zoned land along Pierre Road, is currently listed for sale at $399,900.

During the meeting, a few council members agreed with Seville’s assessment that the municipality is missing an opportunity to capitalize on its proximity to Lake Nipissing. Some did suggest a feasibility study, but even that couldn’t get enough support.

“There could be a business case put together to see what’s the ins and outs of it and that way, if it makes sense then we’d have access to the lake,” said Coun. Dan Roveda. “Because like [Coun. Fisher] said, we don’t work on the fact that we have a beautiful lake that’s right next to us. We don’t promote that.”

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Council says no to proposed beach at Dutrisac property