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by Isabel Mosseler

​January 20, 2021

Henri Marion and Cécile Thibeault Marion celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on December 29, 2020. The couple, residing at Au Château in Sturgeon Falls, grew up in the same community of Warren and have known each other their entire lives, according to daughter Diane Legge, aged 69. “They were raised and grew up in Warren. They had a dairy farm. There were seven children, the baby deceased, so six left – all still in the area. Dad was raised on that farm… mom was more in the town.”

Henri and Cécile operated that same family dairy farm for almost 60 years. While COVID-19 restrictions precluded a gathering, Diane Legge said that the entire extended family, consisting of the remaining six siblings, ten grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren, to four generations of descendants, all are very proud of their grandparents. Henri is 97 years old and Cécile is 93. Both are in good health and good humour, with some age-related ailments. “They’ve got pretty darn good health! Dad has sore knees, but I think he’ll make it to a hundred the way he’s going. A little dementia… Mom still walks to the dining room, and dad is in a chair.”

After retiring from the farming life, the couple moved to the town of Warren, and then to Au Château. “We’ve been able to go visit a little bit,” said Diane, but they couldn’t hold a family celebration. Still, their daughter felt it important to highlight the day and the couple’s legacy. “Dad came from a family of 8 and mom from a family of 19 (21 childbirths, 19 living children). They put in many years of farming… It made good people out of us, good memories. Hard work!”​

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Couple celebrates 75th wedding anniversary