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Cycling for Charity growing, with more potential still

by Isabel Mosseler

It was a beautiful day for a bicycle ride, if a bit windy, as 172 cyclists took to the road for the 4th annual West Nipissing Cycle for Charity on June 2nd. The event, initiated by local cyclists Dan and Cynthia Roveda, along with their faithful volunteers, is drawing more interest every year. While primarily billed as a fundraising activity, Dan Roveda notes that the potential for increasing cycling in the area and raising the profile of West Nipissing in the ever-expanding cycling community are two more major benefits.

This year, there were 183 registrants of which 172 chose to ride. The cost of participating was a $40 sponsorship, which included a lunch at the Lavigne Tavern before the return trip to Sturgeon Falls. The whole event was advertised as a ‘Fun Bike Ride’, but there are always those cyclists who go the extra distance – in this case 100km to Monetville and back. The ride had several major sponsors, and 23 spots for students that were sponsored through individual financial donations.

Dan and Cynthia Roveda have a personal love for the sport, and it’s a passion they want to share. The couple is often seen cycling on the highways and byways of West Nipissing. They like to spread the news about the beauty of West Nipissing as a cycling destination. Their participants seem to agree. A strong contingent of cyclists come from outside the community.

Stephanie Silverthorn of North Bay says the event was really satisfying. Working at Good Life in North Bay as a fitness instructor, she has a vested interest in maintaining fitness, and events such as the West Nipissing Cycle for Charity are right up her alley. “It’s my second year doing it... I like the idea behind the charity. As a parent I think it’s so important for kids to have access to activities and the outdoors; it’s so important for kids to have bikes. And I like the emphasis on fitness. I went last year with my dad, who is in his 70s, and we got to ride together. This year I went with friends and it’s great to see different age groups and fitness levels.”

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