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Nick Tsiogas of Blue Mandolin Catering has been giving little ones across West Nipissing cooking lessons thanks to the Sturgeon River House Museum’s ‘Little Chefs’ program.

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by Brad Aubin

Over the last couple of years, the Sturgeon River House Museum has become a go-to place on most civic holidays and many evenings and weekends, adding a variety of family-friendly activities and programming. The latest program, called Little Chefs, has become a hit with kids, combining learning and fun in a delicious way.

Over the last couple of months, the museum has been working with Blue Mandolin, a local catering company, to give little ones a chance to create healthy, authentic meals from different parts of the world.

“Our first one was based on foods from Mexico, then our second one was Italy… and this week we did Greece,” says Museum Coordinator Renée-Anne Paquette. “Our classes are 12 little ones aged 9-12 in a 2-hour classes with Nick Tsiogas… They bake, cook, cut, prepare a meal from that country and they get to eat and take home tomorrow’s lunch!”

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