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Downtown gets more beautiful every summer thanks to volunteers

Volunteers Dan Roveda, Gayle Primeau and Andrée Trottier spent much of the summer beautifying the downtown core.

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Les Filles d’Isabelle à Sturgeon Falls : 75 ans d’Unité, Amitié, Charité

by Brad Aubin

It’s been another busy summer for Gayle Primeau and her Sturgeon Falls Beautification Group, who cleaned the downtown core for the last time of the season on Tuesday, Sept. 18. The group has been at it for two years, clearing the downtown core of weeds, dog droppings, cigarette butts and other refuse, while adding visual interest with flowers and encouraging businesses to add colourful bicycles, benches and even wall murals.

“We started all the way back in May this year… so it’s been a long season,” notes Primeau. “This year, letters were sent out to businesses to beautify by putting flower pots out in front of their stores and that has made a big difference too. We put mulch on every tree, cleaned and planted flowers at the marina and at the fountain. The convent area was weeded and cleaned and the receptacles downtown were painted. Six new garbage cans were bought and lights on the base of the trees on King are coming soon! Hostas were planted in several areas on a trial basis. Bikes were added to our collection!”

The group’s second year was a successful one, as they’ve seen a noticeable difference in discarded waste downtown. 

“We’ve seen a big difference in weeds and dog waste. Our struggle is still with cigarette butts. We feel like we really need to change people’s attitudes. We’ve put many receptacles as well as garbage cans throughout downtown and we still face this issue. But we will remain hopeful!” 

Volunteer Andrée Trottier agrees. “It’s been a really good season… what’s great is that the people are really grateful. They stop and talk with us… have a conversation and tell us they’re happy to see the group doing what we’re doing!”

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