by Brad Aubin

The West Nipissing volunteer fire fighters pink t-shirt campaign wrapped up last Friday  and as tradition dictates, around 50 participants joined the volunteer fire fighters at Station 1B in Sturgeon Falls to present all the proceeds, in the form of a giant cheque, to the WN General Hospital.

In its 6th year, the campaign raised $16,000, the largest total yet. 

Local businesses and individuals buy the $20 t-shirts to wear every Friday throughout October in order to raise the money. Over 700 t-shirts were sold this year, and with sponsors picking up the tab for the shirts, 100% of sales are donated.

The campaign is now widely recognized in West Nipissing and it’s near impossible not to notice it, as a large portion of workplaces participate. That high visibility also makes it an effective awareness campaign in the fight against breast cancer.

The money is donated yearly to WNGH, and is put towards various upgrades to help breast cancer patients. In years past, the money went to the mammography unit, new gowns, mammography paddles, bathroom renovations for better privacy, chemo hoods and more. 

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Fire fighters break record with pink t-shirt campaign

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