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Fired up for a fundraiser

by Brad Aubin


Verner’s fire station #6 was packed last Saturday, July 22nd as community members flocked for the opportunity to enjoy a free BBQ, get their vehicles washed, and come together in support of their local volunteer fire fighters.

“It went so very, very well,” raves volunteer fire fighter Cynthia Guindon. “We were surprised about how well it turned out – both in regards to the money raised, as well as the generosity of the whole community!”
The car wash, at $10 per vehicle, was a fundraiser to help buy specialized equipment for Station 6.

“We raised $2,300!” beams Guindon. “We’re in a little bit of shock to say the least. The community really, really stepped up. Our local sponsors were fantastic, and people seemed happy to see something happening in Verner, for Verner. I think we miss out on a little activity in our village, and the people were happy to see that.”

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Grace Koning, 4, helps her father, volunteer fire fighter Ben, during last Saturday’s car wash fundraiser in Verner.