Fortier won’t seek re-election in Ward 8

The announcement resulted in a flurry of responses, most very kind and appreciative of Fortier’s public service. In a follow-up interview, Fortier, who owns and operates the Lavigne Tavern, invited anyone who wished to discuss politics with him to stop by the tavern. He added that with business picking up, he felt he needed to focus more energy on that. “It’s just time. I’ve done 7 years of this and by the time my term is over it will be 8 years and it’s time for fresh blood and fresh ideas. … It’s time I concentrate more on the tavern; it’s getting busier here and the more I concentrate on the tavern, the less time I have for municipal stuff. I can only be pulled in so many directions.”

Fortier has developed a reputation for consistently booking excellent music at his establishment. Is he about to become more of a West Nipissing concert promoter? “I would not say no to that. I don’t know, it’s something I’ve thought about but I haven’t found the right venue to do that. …There’re a lot of different paths I could take from here… Between what I do in my little corner at the tavern and what Marc [Roberge] and Peggy [Thomson] do with Rock & Ribs, and River & Sky and a couple of bluegrass festivals going on, there’s a lot of people involved in music and yeah, it’s a very musical community and we all seem to tap into our own little niches.”

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by Isabel Mosseler

West Nipissing municipal councillor Guy Fortier took to social media on August 1st to announce he would not be seeking re-election during the 2018 municipal election. Well known for his wit, Fortier began with a humorous quote: “Politicians are like diapers. They both need to be changed often. And for the same reason. (Tom Blair) — and on that note I am announcing that I will not be seeking a third term as municipal councillor for Ward 8 in the Municipality of West Nipissing in 2018.”

Fortier went on to describe his two mandates and allude to the challenges of the job; it is well known that the last two years have been marked by much conflict and in-fighting at the council table. “The last 7 years as your councillor have been very interesting to say the least. They have also been challenging, frustrating, and sometimes satisfying. I leave political life behind to devote myself to my three loves. My long suffering wife, my motorcycle and the music that is entwined in all aspects of my life. In 2018 you will have the chance to elect new representatives onto the municipal council and mayor; choose wisely. Those that you elect to these positions can and will affect your day-to-day life in your community and have to be held accountable for their thoughts and deeds,” he concluded.

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