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Franco still reigns as badminton champs

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The Franco-Cité Patriotes have once again proven their badminton prowess with two NDA banners, winning the Midget and overall categories at the NDA championship April 12 and 13 in North Bay. The combined banner is the 11th in 12 years for the school, cementing their legacy as a badminton powerhouse.

The victory also earned several students a trip to the NOSSA championship in Sault-Ste Marie on April 19-20, where Joelle Horner won gold in Midget Ladies Single; Daniel Kerr and Geneviève Martel took silver in Junior Mixed Doubles; and Marco Brazeau won gold in Junior Boys Single.

Coach Brigitte Marleau is ecstatic with her team’s performance. “They work very hard and I’m proud of all of them,” she beams. “Our big advantage here at Franco is that the students really enjoy playing, so I’m able to send 40 kids to competitions. It’s always been popular here at our school. Our players play against high caliber club players when we travel to North Bay or Sudbury, so it’s always exciting to see how well they do against the bigger schools.”

The badminton season, which kicks off after Christmas vacation, is now wrapped up for another year at Franco-Cité. However, with another NDA banner under their belt, Marleau admits she’s now aiming higher, targeting the NOSSA banner next season. 

“I love how into it the students get and how competitive they are. We weren’t able to bring back the NOSSA banner this year again and that’s what we’re after now!”

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