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by Brad Aubin

West Nipissing resident Sarah Furchner is well known for her stunning photography, and her work is attracting more and more attention with every colourful Northern Ontario season.

Her passion for photography began at the young age of 8, and for decades Furchner has been immortalizing her outdoor adventures in captivating photos, wanting to share the beauty and wonderment she sees in the world around her. Over the years, she’s won national contests and had her work featured in magazines, earning recognition for herself but also for the beautiful northern landscapes and nature.

Earlier this month, the Furchner entered her first juried art competition during the 41st La Cloche Art Show, held in Whitefish Falls, between Manitoulin Island and Espanola on Hwy 6. She took home a first place, second place and honourable mention – no small feat as the La Cloche Art Show plays host to some world-renowned artists.

“It’s pretty exciting! My first and second place pictures are both from the Lake Superior area, north of the Sault by Wawa. One was in the winter and one was in the summer – the honourable mention picture came from a shot I took in Killarney park,” she beams.

“A lot of the pictures I take, people purchase them. I’ve had a few organizations, as well as Ontario Parks purchase them... but this is the first time I got into a juried competition for art! I go to the La Cloche show every year and it’s really a world-class show. There are amazing painters and photographers and I just love going and love seeing all of it. This year I just thought... why can’t I do that? So I got off my butt and submitted some pictures. The rest is history, I suppose!”

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Furchner triumphs at world-class art show

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