Hairdresser breaks weightlifting
record, wins Canadian Masters

Sylvie Guenette of Sturgeon Falls embraces her moment after winning first place at the Canadian Masters Open weightlifting competition in Montreal on Nov. 18.

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by Brad Aubin

As Sylvie Guenette walked up to a bar charged with 140.8 lbs of weight, only one thought raced through her mind. “I’m going to get this *#* lift,” she repeated to herself like a mantra.

And that she did, not only breaking her personal record of 138 lbs, but crushing the record for the most weight lifted during a “clean and jerk” lift at the Canadian Masters Open (CMO) weightlifting competition, held in Montreal on Nov. 18.

That lift, as well as her other snatch lifts, secured her first place at the CMO and a spot at the Pan Am Masters in Gaspé, Quebec in June.

“What an emotional ride,” says the local hairdresser and mother of two. “I went there with the intention of just nailing my lifts. I knew if I did that, I’d qualify... I knew it would be gravy if I did well. Next thing you know... unbelievable! My nerves were at my peak but I told myself I wasn’t going to crash and I was going to get this!”

You could almost say it was a walk in the park for the 50-some-year-old competitor. She needed to lift a total of 70 kg to qualify for the games, and she lifted 106 kg.

“I’ve been practicing so much, and I recently got a new trainer (from Toronto) and I’m blown away by the results. I was the best out of the 3 women that competed that day, and I broke my own record. It’s really fantastic!” she beams. 

Guenette has been lifting for 5 years, getting her start here at Revolution Fitness. 

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