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Back to School 2020 Sept 02

Integrity Commissioner delivers report; most complaints come from council members themselves

by Isabel Mosseler

September 16 2020

Lawyer Patrice Cormier, the Integrity Commissioner (IC) for the Municipality of West Nipissing, presented his annual report for 2019, which also included an update for 2020, at the council meeting of September 15. The report was much anticipated but unfortunately, due to “technical difficulties”, that portion of the council meeting was not live-streamed to the public.

The agenda document provided included a brief history of Cormier’s selection as IC, his mandate as an independent investigator of municipal officials’ conduct, and an overview of the complaints he has received. The vast majority of complaints, it was revealed, were internally driven by council members themselves lodging complaints against their counterparts. In fact, of the 10 complaints lodged in 2020, only two came from persons outside of council chambers.

The municipality has budgeted $2500 for expenses associated with the complaints process for 2020. Up to the end of July 2020, expenses had already amounted to $16,315.53. During first year, 2019, expenses associated with the set up of the Integrity Commissioner and initial complaints amounted to $10,665.55, for a total of $26,981.08 to date. A chart attached to the report indicated that up to the end of July 2020, there have been 21 complaints of integrity breaches, the first being received in March 2019 (this first complaint was subsequently withdrawn).

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