by Suzanne Gammon

The investigation into the conduct of WN Police Chief Chuck Seguin concluded last week, just as the man announced his resignation, but the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC)’s findings remain a mystery.

The OCPC had been investigating since November 2017, after a complaint made by the WN Police Association (officers’ union) alleging the Chief had been abusive toward an officer. Last Monday, June 11, the OCPC indicated that the investigation was still ongoing. The next day, June 12, Chief Seguin announced his resignation effective July 3. The Tribune reached out to the OCPC to see if this would be affecting the investigation.

On June 14, the OCPC responded saying the investigation was over, but did not provide its findings. “The investigation has concluded. The investigative team will [be] providing documentation to the Executive Chair shortly, in order to determine next steps,” wrote Silvia Cheng, Communications Coordinator.

The Tribune pressed for details. “Can you provide the conclusions of the investigation or a report of the findings? Have the results been communicated to the [WN Police] board and if so, when? Did this precede the chief’s resignation and are the two related? Could we do a brief interview with either the lead investigator or a representative,” we asked.

Ms. Cheng indicated that “the OCPC will not be conducting interviews” and reiterated that “the investigative team is working to provide documentation to the Executive Chair to determine next steps.”

The Tribune has signalled that we would like a copy of the final report or at least a summary of the findings when these become available. No timeline has yet been provided as to when a report is expected.

The Tribune also contacted WN Police Services Board chair Barry Bertrand, to ask if the Board had been apprised of the OCPC’s findings and if the conclusion of the investigation was in any way related to the chief’s resignation. No answer was received at press time.

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