Back to School 2020


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Back to School 2020 Sept 02
Sports Hall of Fame Our Inductees 2020 / Nos intronisées 2020

La rentrée scolaire 2020 /
Back to School 2020

(Edition August 19, 2020)



by Isabel Mosseler

September 16, 2020

July and August were a nightmare for the Roveda family in Sturgeon Falls, but September was a dream come true as Dan and Cynthia Roveda were reunited with their 3-year-old granddaughter, Eva.

Eva’s mother, Catherine Hansbury, is the partner of their son Matthieu Roveda, both residing in Ottawa. Eva’s biological father, Carlos Gutierrez, is a Mexican citizen and the estranged husband of Catherine. Hansbury had an interim legal custody agreement for her daughter, granted by Canada – but Canadian law is not Mexican law.

On July 23rd Catherine was in Cancun, Mexico, at the request of Gutierrez, so that Eva could visit with him. According to Catherine, he claimed he was suffering health problems and could not travel to Canada. He had not seen Eva since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, so he bought return plane tickets for Catherine and Eva to travel to Mexico.

On the 2nd last day of the visit, Catherine granted his request to spend a few hours alone with his daughter – and then he never brought her back. What ensued were days of panic and frustration, fear, mountains of paperwork, many tears and much anguish, as Catherine’s friends and family, neighbours, politicians, consuls and embassies of three countries undertook a concerted effort to help recover little Eva.

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SF couple thrilled to be reunited with granddaughter after kidnapping ordeal

Dan Roveda and wife Cynthia, with their son Matthieu Roveda and partner Catherine Hansbury and 3-year old Eva, were thrilled to be enjoying their first get together in Sturgeon Falls following an international rescue effort to get little Eva back to Canada. Below: Eva on the night her mother managed to get her out of Mexico

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La rentrée scolaire 2020 /
Back to School 2020

(Édition le 02 septembre 2020)

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