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Retrospective 2017

by Jenn Jedynak 
Special to the Tribune

There seems to be no challenge too heavy for Sylvie Guenette. The determined 51-year-old has been shredding records and accumulating victory after victory on the competitive weightlifting circuit since beginning training just four years ago. After setting her sights on the World Championships, she’s been unstoppable, training hard and making it all the way to the Pan Am and Canadian Masters Weightlifting Competition held in Gaspé, Que on June 15-16.

There, she showed that age is just a number and hard work and determination pay off. Guenette attended the competition with a lofty goal, to beat her previous records. In May 2017, at the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships held in Lake Country, British Columbia, she won gold and dominated in her category, beating even her own provincial record (set at the Ontario Masters Open in February) by a whopping 50lbs.  She brought this same determination to her most recent competition and was once again successful.

“I’m very proud that my goal was to go to Pan Am and Canadian Weightlifting Competition and beat my previous records and I did it!” she enthuses.  Preparing for the event was no small task, practicing four times per week for two hours at a time – all while running her own hairdressing salon. “It was demanding, but I knew if I believed in my program, I would do well. 

The competition saw over 200 participants from Canada, the U.S and a range of other countries, but her focus was not on besting the others, only to beat her own records. “Win, lose or tie, that was my goal to beat my personal best.” She did just that, beating three of her own records! She finished the Snatch lift with 105 lbs and the Clean and Jerk with 147lbs, also earning a silver medal. Her total was 115 points while the gold winner had 119. “It was really close,” she says.

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