Back to School 2020


Célébrons le drapeau Franco-ontarien

La rentrée scolaire 2020 /
Back to School 2020

(Édition le 02 septembre 2020)

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Back to School 2020 Sept 02
Graduation 2020

La rentrée scolaire 2020 /
Back to School 2020

(Edition August 19, 2020)

Class of 2020 / Bravo aux Diplômés



Artists Marcelle Cloutier (above) and Simone Desormiers (below) unveiled their new murals at Lorraine's Restaurant on August 24.

by Isabel Mosseler

September 02, 2020

On Monday, August 24, two new murals went up on the south wall facing Lorraine’s Restaurant, on a building owned by Denis Labelle that also houses Chez Jean-Marc Bakery. The murals, created separately by local artists Simone Desormiers and Marcelle “Marcie” Cloutier, perfectly complement each other in both palette and feel. The theme chosen by Angèle Dumont, proprietor of Lorraine’s, was to reflect the satisfying and comforting feel of enjoying a restaurant meal. For project initiator Gayle Primeau, the satisfaction comes from seeing local artistic talent brighten up the landscape of West Nipissing.

The twin murals, while painted by two different artists, also fostered a new friendship and mutual collaboration. Angèle Dumont is very pleased with the outcome, including the nod given by the menu in the painting that features her name. “In the future, the restaurant is going to be called Chez Angèle instead of Lorraine’s,” she reveals. “I am overwhelmed, it’s absolutely beautiful.”

Marcie Cloutier took some of her inspiration from photos of a trip to Greece taken by Gayle Primeau, giving a sunny Mediterranean feel to her painting of a mother and child seated at a table surrounded by blooming bougainvillea trees. “I like to paint!” says Cloutier of her contribution. “Plus I saw everything that was done in the municipality and thought, gee, I wonder if I could do anything like that. I told Gayle I’d be interested and she called me the next week!”

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Comfort and community are themes of two new murals