New equipment will help fire fighters get to remote sites

Celebrating the acquisition of a brand new UTV for the fire service were (left to right) Captain Vianny Morin ( President of the West Nipissing Volunteer Firefighters Station 1), fire fighter Hubert Guindon, WNFS Assistant Fire Chief Michel Desormiers, Captain Marcel Desormiers,Shawn Savage of Savage Equipment Leasing and Rentals, fire fighter Pascal Morin, Shawn Davidson of Quick Pick Variety, WN Mayor Joanne Savage and WNFS Fire Chief Richard Maranda.

The WN Fire Service just got a big, shiny new toy, fire engine red, that is also an incredibly useful piece of equipment. It will help fire fighters get to difficult locations, whether a car is rolled over in a ditch or a fire pops up in a remote location. Chief Richard Maranda, Assistant Chief Mike Desormiers and Captain Vianny Morin proudly unveiled their latest equipment on Monday, May 28, noting it was purchased through the fundraising efforts of the WN Volunteer Fire Fighters Station One.

The Honda Pioneer 1000 5-seater side-by-side UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is a major investment, and the fire fighters were clearly impressed as they checked the vehicle inside and out, examining the features from all angles.

Chief Maranda said, “This side by side 4-wheel drive unit is going to replace one snow machine – it comes with tracks – in the winter time we’ll be putting the tracks on. It’s a lot easier and a lot stronger than a snow machine – we won’t have a hard time pulling equipment. It’s a multi-purpose vehicle. We’ll be able to go if there is a fire across the lake. …This brand new baby was donated by volunteer fire fighters from Station One.”

Vianny Morin, president of the WN Volunteer Fire Fighters Station One, said the vehicle cost was in the base range of $30K but it also had a lot of additional expensive bells and whistles, specifically geared toward their requirements. It was purchased from Savage Equipment & Leasing in Sturgeon Falls, with the assistance of Shawn Savage. “It’s got room for four people in it,” said Morin. “The snow machine can only take 2 people. We will have a trailer to be towed behind; it’s a lot better to go with four people [to an incident] than two. The big reason is that it’s useable in both winter and summer.”

Mayor Joanne Savage was on hand for the ownership transfer to the town’s fire service. “Congratulations to the volunteers who do the fundraising; they are always active in the community,” she commented.

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