by Isabel Mosseler

The West Nipissing Food Bank is making some improvements and changes. President Carole Renaud reported this week the new walk-in refrigerator has been purchased, and by the end of March, the Food Rescue Days will be moved from Fridays to Wednesdays. “The reason we are doing it is so people won’t be as confused; if we put it on Wednesdays they will come whether it’s Food Bank Day or not,” said Renaud. “The third Wednesday of the month will still be Food Bank Day. That’s when you get the full kit-and-kaboodle, canned goods, everything.” Food Rescue will be held every Wednesday, including Food Bank day. “The other reason we’re doing that is that when we have Food Bank Day, it’s followed by 10 days where we don’t have anything and there’s spoilage. Especially once we have the fridge, we’ll be able to save food.” The shift in dates begins March 25.

The WN Food Bank raised $10,000 just before Christmas with the goal of installing a walk-in fridge at the site. Until now, they had been utilizing the walk-in fridge at the Sturgeon Falls Complex along with the Community Kitchen. Hauling the food back and forth became too onerous. Additionally, when the Complex is hosting events, the Food Bank cannot use their fridge.

While they had looked at the option of buying a used walk-in, Carole Renaud said they decided to go “brand new! Brand spanking new. Bill Gingras [Intercity Refrigeration] is the one we ordered it through… The condenser is in, and we’re just waiting for everything else to come in. He’s installing it with Luc Charles Electrical. Luc and Bill will be installing.”

Renaud hopes the have the walk-in fridge installed within the next month. “It’s an 8x10 walk-in”, with plenty of capacity for their requirements. “With our fridge we’ll be able to keep the food fresh, sorted, and keep an eye on it, so if there’s one bad apple, throw it out.”

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