Back to School 2020


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La rentrée scolaire 2020 /
Back to School 2020

(Édition le 02 septembre 2020)

Intégration communautarie 50e anniversaire / 50th Anniversary Community Living

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Back to School 2020 Sept 02
Sports Hall of Fame Our Inductees 2020 / Nos intronisées 2020

La rentrée scolaire 2020 /
Back to School 2020

(Edition August 19, 2020)



by Josh Casey

September 16, 2020

After two months of reporting no new cases of Covid-19, area health units have seen this lucky streak end this month. Between the North Bay-Parry Sound District Health Unit and Sudbury and District Public Health, five new cases have been reported since Sept. 9.

The North Bay-Parry Sound District Health Unit is releasing few details on the most recent case, only saying it was confirmed in the District of Nipissing on Sept. 14 and is a woman between the ages of 60 and 79, who is self-isolating after being in “close contact of a case.”

Five days earlier, the same health unit announced that a man between 20 and 39 years of age, an employee of Bay Street Café in Parry Sound, had tested positive for the virus and had worked on Sept. 5 while still awaiting his test results.

“The individual, who was tested and resides out of district, is an occasional staff member at Bay Street Café,” the health unit stated, adding that the exposure was from “travel.”

The health unit stated in a Sept. 9 notice that the contact information for patrons of the café was not available and they were only made aware of the situation through “concerned citizens.” The public was alerted and people who attended the restaurant were asked to monitor for symptoms. The health unit stressed that “restaurants and bars are reminded that they are required to keep a log of patrons for case contact management.”

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No-Covid streak ends with new cases this month