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On Dec. 15, the Our Lady of Sorrows church youth group made bags of candies for the children of families who frequent the food bank, prepared in the spirit of solidarity and Christmas sharing. In no particular order, the youth group consists of coordinator Farah Lewis, youth Oliver Faubert, Gabriella Demciuch, Sasha Caslene Hyman, Matthew Campbell, Gwen Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Emelia Demciuch, Veronica Demciuch, Philip Demciuch and Sebastien Matheo Hyman (missing from photo), accompanied here by parish priest Father Amaladhas Tensingh. WN Food Bank chair Don Clendenning and volunteer Carole Renaud accepted the donation.

by Isabel Mosseler

​December 21, 2020

There was a small Christmas celebration in the basement of Our Lady of Sorrows (OLS) Catholic Church in Sturgeon Falls on December 15. The hall was decked, the tables were beautifully decorated and the side tables were full of beverages and baked goods for the guests. Michael Lang sang Christmas carols while playing guitar, and the children of OLS youth program provided readings on the religious significance of Christmas.

The celebration was also in honour of the personal efforts of the children and parishioners in support of the West Nipissing Food Bank. Parish priest Amaladhas Tensingh told special guests from the food bank that the youth had prepared 75 packets of sweets for children whose families frequent the food bank. Every year, OLS also provides a Christmas Day luncheon for those who are alone during the holidays. This year, because of COVID-19, that annual event has been cancelled, so the church is providing meal coupons for 75 people to be used at local restaurants.

In addition, the parishioners topped their regular donations to the church in the 100 days prior to Christmas, so that a donation of $450 was made possible. OLS is a small church, but the enthusiasm for giving was evident as Carl Page, named Father of the Month, passed the cheque to food bank president Don Clendenning.

Father Tensingh explained that he has initiated a mission to bring attention to the condition of children without fathers, and how important fatherhood is to the wellbeing of children. He said in an aside that in his opinion, mothers are doing a great job, and fathers need to be encouraged more to assume their responsibilities. He related it to the Christmas story.

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OLS church continues tradition of sharing


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