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by Brad Aubin

Jeunesse-Active school principal Christian Levesque showed he was a good sport last Friday, June 2, as he allowed himself to be duct-taped to the gymnasium wall by students and staff, all in an effort to raise funds for new playground equipment.

The fundraiser was the idea of the school’s parents’ council, and though Levesque admitted he was hesitant at first, he quickly agreed for the benefit of students. Soon, hundreds and hundreds of strips of tape were sold, at a dollar apiece, as kids and adults were anxious to see the principal pinned up.

The principal stood on a bench against the wall as students took turns applying their 3 ft. strips, until finally he was completely covered except for his head. The whole process took over an hour. The bench was then removed, leaving Levesque’s feet dangling and confirming that he was indeed well stuck, earning a round of applause and laughter.

“The fundraiser went great – and we raised over $ 750 dollars! I didn’t think the students would participate with so much vigor. The reaction from the kids was unbelievable and it was a fantastic way to cap off the week,” Levesque beamed after being released from the huge web of tape.

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