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Pub packed for every Sunday Jam

by Brad Aubin

If you’ve ever walked downtown on a Sunday afternoon, it’s hard not to notice the cheers from Don’s Pub and Grill bursting out through the doors. The “Sunday Jam”, as it’s called, has been going on for nearly a year, and every Sunday between 2pm and 6pm, musicians from all around WN and even stretching as far as Mattawa and Temagami take to the stage to perform an unrehearsed jam session for a crowd of faithfuls. It’s something “Jam” coordinator JR Aubertin takes pride in.

“We started it just as something to do, you know?” says the longtime country musician. “It’s something to pass the time, where people can go and have a good time. The best part is, anyone can get on stage and sing. Anyone can bring a guitar and play. It’s a friendly place with a friendly atmosphere, and we encourage anyone who wants to sing or play to come join us!”

The friendly atmosphere was apparent last Sunday, as hugs were given out between the songs and the laughter.

Linda Aubertin, JR’s wife, says the pub is packed every Sunday afternoon – proof that the formula is successful. “It works because it’s all about love. Everyone feels at home here and the musicians are just as important as the customers. (…) We’re a big family and everyone’s always welcome to join!”

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J.R Aubertin and his musical family take to the stage every Sunday at Don’s, entertaining the community and giving the opportunity to anyone to come on stage and sing a sing or two.