Scarecrows and barn quilts and cabbage, oh my

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​​National Volunteer Week

Semaine nationale de l'action bénévole

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International Women's Day​

Journée internationale de la femme

by Isabel Mosseler

Scarecrows are taking over West Nipissing, and most of them aren’t very scary, although their fashion sense is sometimes questionable. Porches, yards, businesses, and public spaces throughout West Nipissing have been populated by stuffed shirts, fancy hats, and straw-filled heads. Alicia Giroux, the chair of the IPM 2019 Beautification Committee says there are now at least 240 scarecrows in the area, with more workshops planned and plenty of opportunity for people to get in on the fun. 

Alicia’s role has been to facilitate and plan different projects to help create the IPM atmosphere. “We have the Scarecrow workshops, the flag lines we’re selling, our welcome posts that are going to be ready for sale, and our Barn Quilt Trail; the four major projects. It’s pretty much about community involvement, working with different beautification groups within WN to try and make sure everyone is on the same page. We also have the flowering cabbage.” Alicia says some of the garden centres will be bringing the plants in closer to fall, and they will be sold at French River Gardens, Noëlville, and Veuve River Gardens in Warren.  “We had some and we sold out of the product; we brought in live plants and sold at 3 different workshops and they went quite quickly.”

The Beautification Committee has been working closely with the municipality of West Nipissing, the Sturgeon Falls Beautification and the Verner Beautification “to make sure we have the flowering cabbage in the municipal gardens.”

As for the Scarecrow Workshops, she has found herself participating in many of them. “What we tried to do was have a town leader for each community and we sort of leaned on that person to host the event. But our committee members have been trying to help each other out. We send all the supplies to whatever workshop is being held.” The supplies include crosses prepared for mounting the bags of straw, clothing and accessories for each scarecrow, and the straw itself. There had already been 9 workshops at this writing, with more planned for River Valley, Sturgeon Falls, Lavigne, and St. Charles, and possibly more down the road. Giroux says the effort is also part of community building in advance of the IPM. “We’ve had a lot of people come out, very good attendance, and it’s been fantastic. People are out with families, and individuals are working together. If someone needs a hand, there is help – good social building in the community!”​

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