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Serré says there’s still lots of work, but plenty of opportunity for WN

by Isabel Mosseler

On Friday, January 11, Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré informed The Tribune that he remains dedicated to finding a solution to the connectivity issues in River Valley, an ongoing circumstance which sees École Christ-Roi as one of the few schools in Ontario with no Internet access. In an interview reviewing the past year and looking forward to an election year in 2019, Serré noted that this is the unresolved challenge of 2018 in West Nipissing, and it continues to dog him into 2019.

He mentioned the criticism he is receiving on social media, but remains adamant that he is focused on the issue. “We have to find a better way to support the school in River Valley. I’m getting the social media flack about ‘how come I’m not getting them Internet.’ I’m the only one trying!” he opined. He suggested that both the municipality and the school board might be able to help in sharing costs. “The towers range in the cost of $50,000,” he said, adding that he is also in consultation with local institutions who might be able to assist. “We have to find a way. I’m really frustrated, I want to do something for River Valley, I’m committed to helping out, but where’s Bell? …It’s a provincial responsibility from the school board, and it’s probably one of the only schools in Ontario that doesn’t have Internet.”

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Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré was in Sturgeon Falls this past Friday to talk politics and his commitment to see West Nipissing progress. Above he is shown having a brief discussion with Logan Lavoie, who attends École secondaire Franco-Cité and is a Tribune co-op student.Type your paragraph here.