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Richard was that Janen Street resident, of course, and he plans on staying involved with the investigation until resolution, hoping that will help lessen the unease he is feeling since the violation. “It was just as well we didn’t get up during the night. …Louise is up early in the morning… [she] saw the cop car out front checking on our doors. She went to ask them what was going on — they had my cell phone.”

He explains that the police found the cell phone in a snow bank. They then examined the entire home with the Richards, who discovered their television gone, cameras and other electronics missing. “The police knew where the TV was, they got it and brought it back — the person who was holding the TV is the one I suspect they arrested.”

The WNPS has not released the name of the person arrested or the other suspects. Richard has his own hypothesis. “I suspect there were probably three people involved according to the footprints that came in through the back yard… I think there was a woman involved as well because there are boot marks with a heal.”

Sleuthing aside, the Richards are very shaken by the whole incident. “We thought we were light sleepers. The door was locked. He took a crowbar to the door of my garage and when they got into the garage, the door between the garage and the house was unlocked, and that’s how they got in. Since then it’s been changed.” genous person, I feel we’re all connected and when something happens to one of us, we all feel that. So this topic, it’s been in the back of my mind for a really long time. It’s something that really ticked me off, so I decided I was going to do something about it. I was going to bring awareness to it... and even if it’s a small group of people, like a high school, I still want to make an impact on everyone that’s viewing it. Not many people know about it and I wanted them to.”

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SF couple feel violated after thieves entered their home while they slept

by Isabel Mosseler

Dan Richard wants the people who invaded his home while he and his wife Louise were sleeping to face tough consequences – as tough as those the couple is now living with as a result of having their privacy and security violated.

“It’s kind of devastating that this kind of activity is going on in Sturgeon Falls and it seems there is a lot of break and enters, but this is more of a home invasion. It puts us in a precarious position, the safety of your own home has been compromised,” he describes.

The incident happened on February 26 and was mentioned in a WN Police Service release issued on March 1st, noting that residents in the Main, King and Janen streets area had their homes entered by thieves.

“On February 26th police responded to a break and enter in progress. Upon attending the residence, police learned that the occupants (unidentified) were sleeping but were woken by noise in the home. The culprit was startled by the homeowner and fled the house. Police investigation led them to a nearby residence where they observed a man exiting a window and running away. Police gave chase, at which time they recovered some property, which had been discarded. The investigation continued and the police were able to recover merchandise from the reported break-in and from one that had yet to be reported. Officers contacted a Janen Street resident and confirmed that the recovered property was in fact his and that his home had been entered while he and his spouse were sleeping. Police recovered televisions, power tools and electronic devices including cellular telephones.”

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