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by Brad Aubin

TIt’s an item off of her bucket list; local musician Nicole Glover of Glover Voice Studio is back from her three week trip to Awka, Nigeria, where she visited many schools and gave talks, workshops, and learned all about Nigerian culture, music and way of life.

It’s a trip that Glover had been thinking about for many years, and she was ecstatic when the opportunity came around for her to go.

“I am friends with a former priest from over there,” shared Glover when she returned from Africa. “He’s also a professor in charge of a catholic school district over there and he comes back and forth to Canada. Several years ago, he was here in Sturgeon and we were talking music. He said ‘You know Nicole... one day it would be nice for you to come visit us. Inspire the youth, learn our culture, talk music with everyone and do a sort of musical exchange or workshops with the students within the school district.’ And it stayed like that for years. It was up in the air, you know... life happens. Work, scheduling, it just never worked out.”

Until one day the stars lined up and Glover took the plunge. 

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