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by Brad Aubin

Ever since she was a little girl, Anne Gingras wanted to be a published author. These days, she can hold her head high as she’s done that not once, or even twice – she now has her name on three volumes.

On Saturday Oct. 19, Gingras was at Twiggs in Sturgeon Falls for the official launch of her second book, The Old Man on the Bench: A Beautiful Day. The inspirational book is a follow-up to her successful first effort, The Old Man on the Bench, published in 2018. Both were published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House publishing.

The launch also served to promote a collaborative project, a compilation book titled “When Angels Speak”, which she contributed to along with local co-author Chantal Fortin, who was at the launch along with cover artist Leo Levac.

According to Gingras, the day was a great opportunity to connect with her readers and she was thrilled with the turnout.

“We were there for two hours and lots of folks came to chat and to purchase the book,” she beams. “I also had family come down to surprise me from Huntsville and Sudbury. There was a couple who had heard the [radio] interview from Elliot Lake and they came down just to meet me and to talk to me about the book. It was really, really nice. A beautiful, gorgeous sunny day and we had a steady flow of people.”

According to Gingras, publishing the second book was even more exciting than the first go-around. “I had people looking forward to the second book already. And as a writer, my style evolved. (…) It’s written a little differently and I spent a ton of time editing. It’s one of the main reasons I was so excited about it.”

The book is another collection of chance meetings and observations that she has written down over the years, which have brought clarity to her life purpose. In each short chapter, readers find life lessons, inspirational messages and relatable experiences.

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Soaring to success from the bench

Anne Gingras (right), and her partners in art Chantal Fortin and Leo Levac were on hand at Twiggs on Saturday, Oct. 19 to sign copies of two new books: Old Man on the Bench: A Beautiful Day, and When Angels Speak.