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Radio host Drew Ferris and Tribune journalist Isabel Mosseler took on the bike challenge issued by WN Cycle for Charity organizer Dan Roveda (center). 

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by Isabel Mosseler

TOn June 2nd, West Nipissing Cycle for Charity will be holding its 4th annual Fun Bike Ride. The event, organized by Dan and Cynthia Roveda with Kevin Stephens of Cycle Works (North Bay) and the West Nipissing Community Health Centre, is meant to promote cycling as an activity in West Nipissing and to encourage more active living. The ride provides three levels of challenge: 25km, 50km and 100km routes, with the shortest being to Lavigne and the longest a ride to North Monetville and back to Sturgeon Falls.

In past years, the event has drawn cyclists not only from West Nipissing but also from North Bay and Sudbury. The ride starts at the Caisse populaire in Sturgeon Falls.

Recently, Dan Roveda issued a “media challenge,” with Kevin Stephens providing a new kind of electric bike to make the challenge easier for those who are timid about getting back on a bike. Drew Ferris of Moose FM and Isabel Mosseler of The Tribune will be getting out from behind the computer and getting back on the seat for the event.

Roveda brought one of the bikes to Sturgeon Falls recently to show the two what they were going to be riding. “This bike, you’ll see it is easy to ride.” The bikes run on a rechargeable battery and if the rider gets tired, it switches to become self-powered. “If you’re tired, you just switch it. The ones you will be trying are about $2,000. They have really slimmed down.”  Roveda said the bikes will likely be the next thing in cycling for those who have had to give the activity up due to physical conditions.  “Let’s say a person wants to go cycling with another person, and one of the two is slower, and they want to do distances. The partner who can’t do it can use the e-bike and can keep going. They can run up to 30 km/hr and can go about 100 km a day. Right now the mountain bikes and big bikes (fat tires for winter) are the big fad; this will be the next fad.”  Roveda expects the price will also come down in the next couple of years.

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