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Town’s top earners are mostly police, administrative staff

Health and education salaries rise as well

by Suzanne Gammon

The year 2017 was a sunny one for some West Nipissing public servants, according to the Ontario Ministry of Finance’s annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure or “Sunshine list”, which was published on Friday, March 23. Once again, the community has several employees listed among those having earned over $100,000 in 2017.

While the list keeps ballooning every year, critics say that reflects the fact that the $100,000 benchmark has not increased in 20 years, while salaries have risen to keep up with inflation. It has been argued that the $100,000 figure 20 years ago is equivalent to over $151,000 today, and some have suggested the disclosure should apply to salaries above that amount only. Still, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has said she will not raise the threshold, as “to the vast majority of people in Ontario $100,000 a year is still a lot of money” and the list offers a way to compare public sector earnings with private sector wages.

Municipality of West Nipissing

The municipality has 30 employees on the list, up from 27 last year, though the WN Police Service accounts for 22 of them, compared to 20 last year.

Among the five administrative staff on the list, Chief Administrative Officer Jay Barbeau brought in $156,115 plus $5,831 in benefits, up from $152,320 in 2016. Director of Community Services and Economic Development Stephan Poulin earned $123,513 plus $5,831, up from $115,683 in 2016. Alisa Craddock, Director of Corporate Services/Treasurer, took home $135,107 plus $531, compared to $112,791 in 2016 – an over $22,000 hike.

Manager of Water and Wastewater Peter Ming made $102,011 plus $5,831, compared to $103,941 in 2016. New to the list is Manager of Public Works Shawn Remillard, at $107,270 plus $531.

WN Police

The WN Police Service’s number of ‘sunshiners’ grew by two, showing a combined income of over $2.7 million in 2017, up from just over 2.3 million in 2016. Police Chief Chuck Seguin led them with $178,093 plus $6,664, up from $151,516 the previous year – over $26,000 more. By comparison, North Bay’s police chief, Shawn Devine brought in $206,820.

Inspector Ray St. Pierre earned $144,253, up from $143,376. Sergeant Miguel Aubertin took home $138,148, up from $127,027 in 2016, $122,046 in 2015 and $109,400 in 2014. Sergeant Nathalie Rifou earned $140,466, up from $125,786. Sergeant Paul Brunet received $127,364, compared to $124,293 the previous year. Sergeant Cory Duhaime earned $120,127, up from $117,320 in 2016. Other officers on the list include 16 First Class Constables, each earning between $101,441 and $131,248 in 2017.

WN Fire Protection

The West Nipissing Fire Service accounted for the other three municipal employees on the list. Chief Richard Maranda earned $120,860 plus $1,757 in benefits, up slightly from $119,667 in 2016. By comparison, North Bay Fire Chief Jason Whitely made $138,713.

Michel Desormiers, Assistant Fire Chief, earned $113,487 plus $1,663 compared to $105,591 in 2016, when he was an Education Officer. Gilles Imbeau, Fire Prevention, Training and Public Education Officer, took home $109,040 plus $1,608, less than the $114,813 he made in 2016.

Health Services

WN General Hospital

The West Nipissing General Hospital had 8 employees on the list this year, down from 9 the previous year. President and Chief Executive Officer Cynthia Desormiers earned $198,128 plus $1,245 in benefits, compared to $199,488 in 2016.

Chief Nursing Officer Jo-Ann Labelle brought in $121,168, up from $116,497 in 2016. RN Helene Shank earned $138,208, up from $113,638. Chief Financial Officer Ryan Jeffers’ income was $111,531, compared to $108,342 the previous year. Registered Nurse (RN) Judy Perrin went from $120,776 in 2014 to $112,421 in 2015 and $104,049 in 2016, and remained nearly unchanged at $105,393 in 2017. RN Marie-Lynn Savage earned $110,441, up from $102,054 in 2016.

New to the list were RN Lynne Macdonald at $108,860; and Manager of Clinical Services Sandra Lacourciere at $100,153. Off the list this year were RNs Susan Rhame and Vikki Larocque and Medical Radiation Technologist Natalie Henderson.

Au Château

West Nipissing’s Home for the Aged Au Château had 7 people on the list this year, up from 6 last year and 4 in 2015. Administrator Jacques Dupuis earned $127,487 plus $5,285 in benefits, up from $126,289 in 2016. Director of Care Diane Liberte-Rainville made $117,224 plus $2,097, up from $112,750 in 2016, $107,480 in 2015 and $101,384 in 2014. Head Nurse Louise Trudel took home $115,555 plus $1,192, up from $110,868 in 2016 and $103,938 in 2015.

RN Cindy Brouillette was back on the list for the third year, with earnings of $104,159, up from $102,025. Personal Support Worker Patrick Giroux was new last year with $124,069, and took a cut in 2017, earning $112,695. New to the list were RN Nicole Leblanc at $108,128; and Chief Financial Officer Henri Laflamme at $102,913 plus $4,940.

Registered Practical Nurse Luke M. Chishugi, who earned $128,413 in 2016, was not on the list for 2017.

WN Community Health Centre

The West Nipissing Community Health Centre’s Family Physician Julie Breton-Fortin earned $275,924, down from $285,886 in 2016. Family Physician Gordon Ferguson earned $224,995, also down from $234,437 the previous year. Executive Director Guy Robichaud made the list for the second year, at $113,646 compared to $106,872 in 2016. New to the list were Nurse Practitioners Carole Gilchrist and Nicole Ouellette, both earning $103,813.


The Near North District School Board had 106 employees on the list, down from 113 for 2016 but up from 85 in 2015. This board oversees 40 schools. Northern Secondary School principal Laurent Paquette earned $126,447, virtually unchanged from 2016 and 2015. Northern Vice-Principal Jamey Byers took home $108,705. White Woods Public School principal Jennifer Delorme brought in $111,719. Director of Education Jacqueline Young earned $171,000, unchanged from 2016.

The Conseil scolaire catholique Franco-Nord saw its list swell from 60 to 67. This board has 14 schools. Director of Education Monique Menard earned $154,096, just $4 more than in 2016.

Superintendent Serge Levac earned $130,665, also just $4 more than the previous year. Marc Cantin, Surintendance des affaires, took home $137,276, another $4 hike.

Several Guidance Counselors were on the list, including Nina Perreault-Primeau, Josée Bazinet-Mondoux, Julie Séguin-Mondoux, Claire Bélanger, Jeanne Cantin and Janique Vaillancourt, all between $102,000 and $103,000, while Guidance Counselor Brian Lavoie earned $121,681. Others with the same title earned up to $147,576. Anne Bélanger-Petroski went from Guidance Counselor to Early Childhood Lead, earning $106,898 compared to $103,481.

Mental Health Leader Annick Morin earned $111,141, up from $109,867 in 2016. Jean-Luc Proulx became director of the Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques, earning $128,331, compared to $127,336 when he was Director of Student Improvement in 2016.

La Résurrection Principal Crystal Côté-Poulin earned $126,432, virtually unchanged from 2016. Ste-Marguerite d’Youville Principal Julie Lachance earned $124,881, down from $125,869 in 2016. Saint-Joseph principal Tammy Cantin took home $124,884. Franco-Cité principal Denis Beaudry made $124,884, up from $123,731 in 2016. Vice-Principal Lisa Dumont received $106,119. Former Vice-Principal Luc Larcoque earned $102,214 in his new role as Leader de la politique d’aménagement linguistique. Former Principal Tina Legault Ouellet earned $125,846 in her new role as Director of Student Improvement.

Several teachers made between $100,069 and $110,731.

The Conseil scolaire public du Nord-est de l’Ontario had nearly doubled its number of entries on the list for 2015, going from 28 to 53 top earners, but they brought the figure back down to just 33 for 2016 and then back up to 46 for 2017. This board oversees 11 schools.

Director of Education Simon Fecteau earned $168,050, just $4 more than in 2016.

Jeunesse Active Principal Christian Levesque took home $123,477, up from $122,451 in 2016. École secondaire Northern Principal Serge Larabie, newly appointed, is not on the list for 2017, and neither is former principal Alain Noël.

A handful of teachers are also on the list.

The Nipissing Parry Sound Catholic District School Board saw 44 people make the list, just one more than in 2016 but a significant hike from its 26 top earners from 2015. This board has 12 schools. Director of Education Anna Marie Bitonti made $178,218, up dramatically from $159,403 in 2016. While Woods Public School Principal Stacey Malette earned $111,647, compared to $109,325 the previous year.

College Boréal went from 82 people on the list to just 35, including Nipissing campus director Claude Dubuc earning $103,977, up from $102,238 in 2016.

Elected officials

Timiskaming-Cochrane MPP John Vanthof earned $131,235, exactly the same sum as in 2016 and 2015. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne also earned exactly the same as in the previous three years, at $208,974.

To see more public sector employees who made this year’s list, visit the Ministry’s website at

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