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WN Police officer Patrick Gladu and his family have been forced out of their home after not one, but two separate fires ripped through the house and left the roof with two gaping holes.

The WN Fire Department responded to a call at 12:46 pm on Friday, May 4, at the Gladu home situated on Lac Deux Milles Road in Sturgeon Falls. Fire Chief Richard Maranda said the first fire was extinguished and deemed accidental. “We had deemed it accidental. The second call came in at 2:50 p.m. - same dwelling but another part of the dwelling,” he explained. “The fire was extinguished and because it was the second fire at the same place, we automatically called the Fire Marshal’s office to come and assist us to do the investigation. It was deemed not a re-kindle.” 

Asked if he could elaborate, Maranda said the second fire was from a totally different source – a separate fire altogether. “We haven’t received anything from the Fire Marshal yet, but it doesn’t look suspicious,” he stressed. Asked if he thought the scenario was very peculiar, even weird, he said, “Yes it is. I can’t speculate what caused the second fire, but the Fire Marshal is not suspecting the owner. It’s not an arson. We haven’t had a report from them yet so it’s pretty hard to speculate what they are going to come up with.”

Asked if he could explain how they determined it wasn’t arson, Maranda said “They found probable cause, different from what we would find in an arson fire – it seems to be accidental.” He said an inspector came from Goderich to study the fire, and that they were there until 1:30 Sunday afternoon, but he can’t say when the report will be ready. Addressing the rampant speculation in the community, Maranda said he heard many rumours, some even accusing the fire department itself, a rumour he found particularly nasty. He said he was also anticipating the final report. “For insurance purposes, I wanted to make sure it was not a re-kindle… that was one of the reasons we wanted the Fire Marshal’s office there, and it was confirmed that it was a different cause for the second fire.” 

So far the evidence of two fires, two accidents, two hours apart in the same house is raising a few eyebrows. “That’s one of the reason’s the Fire Marshal is involved. Usually they only come down for injury, fatality or anything over $500K or anything we find suspicious… We definitely wanted them to come down for this one. Because, first of all, it was a police officer. We just want to calm the rumours somewhat - to show transparency.”

The fire was addressed by three trucks from Sturgeon Falls and the tanker from Station 6 in Verner. Chief Maranda said he would provide the report as soon as it was made available. Officer Gladu was not available for comment.

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Two separate fires within two ​hours destroy officer’s home

The two gaping holes in the roof of this home, caused by two separate fires, were covered up after the Fire Marshal’s examination.Type your paragraph here.




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