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by Isabel Mosseler


Municipal councillor Rolly Larabie had an innovative idea to extend the life of the River Valley landfill and encourage recycling, and he convinced his fellow councillors to get on board during their Sept. 12 meeting.

Larabie proposed that a “free store” be attached to the landfill to house reusable items, protecting them from the elements, so that users could pick up what they wanted and divert these objects from the waste pile. He noted that the practice of free exchange is already in place at his community landfill, but it could be augmented. “If I have something that is good, I’ll take it to the dump, but don’t want to leave it out, so I leave it on top and then people can come and pick it up. But if it stays outside for a week, it gets ruined.”

He explained that the example he was looking at consisted of a shed, but “I’d suggest we start with a container. Anything worth saving goes in there as part of the recycling program, expanding the life of our dump. It’s a program I’d like to introduce to communities that go to the dumps in River Valley, Verner, Lavigne.”

His idea received universal approval from his fellow council members. “It’s a great idea. It already goes on informally at landfill sites; drop things off and people go through your stuff and, yeah, you have a tendency to leave the good stuff off to one side. To open a free store on site, I think it’s a great idea; formalize it, set things up on shelves,” agreed Coun. Guy Fortier.

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WN municipal councillor Rolly Larabie used this photo of the “free store” at the landfill in Marsh Lake, Yukon to illustrate what he would like to see implemented at the rural landfills in West Nipissing.

WN to open “free store” at landfill

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