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by Brad Aubin

Too often we take our children’s health for granted, forgetting that in a split second, our whole world can be turned upside down. That’s exactly what happened to a young family in Verner.

Little Klayten Guay, not even a year old, has had to go through many surgeries over the last few months as he battles Total Colonic Hirschsprung Disease, a birth defect in which nerve cells are missing at the end of a child’s bowel. The disease carries many complications and severe symptoms, such as diarrhea, often with blood, abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, intestinal obstruction and more.

Since January 13th, Klayten has been at Ottawa’s Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) with his mother, Jessica Guay, while his father, Ricky, stays home to support his family. It’s a struggle, with frequent trips back and forth, motels and meals and just one source of income.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help with those expenses, and Mom Jessica also provides updates on the page so that family, friends and supporters back home can keep up with Klayten’s progress. Her post this past Tuesday, Feb. 20 reads “another 1.5 hours of invasive surgery this morning. For the past few days, Klay’s belly was starting to get distended again. Ultrasound showed liquid pockets that his drain was not draining anymore. Yesterday morning his temp was very low then spiked to a high fever of 40+. The ICU spot team was called for help. His heart rate was sitting at 250-300s, his blood pressure was high 130s, his skin was [marbled] and cold as ice. They started antibiotics because they’re suspecting infection, but not sure if it’s from his pic line which goes to his heart with TPN running through it, his incision that has been opened up 3 times, or his drain insertion. They gave boluses to help decrease his heart rate but it stopped working. At 1am he was sent for a CT injection contrast scan and they found severe fluid in several different pockets. They are not sure what in his belly is leaking, or what the fluid is. At 4am, spot team rushed him to PICU as his body was no longer absorbing the boluses and he was then in septic shock and hypertensive. They wanted close monitoring and epinephrine given along with sedation. This morning klay received two drains in each side of his belly and within a few minutes, it drained 1L and it continues to drain.”

Julie Armitage, a close friend to the family, has also set up an account at the Caisse populaire in Sturgeon and Verner for the young family. “Klay is still not eating as of today, and last week he had his 7th surgery. If anyone wants to donate or support the family, we have opened up an account at the Caisse for them. They’ve been there now for over a month and it’s very difficult for Ricky to be with them because he’s their only source of income... They’ve been living in motels and traveling back and forth – having to pay for the many expenses their situation brings. We need all the help and prayers we can get for this little guy,” Armitage pleads.

For more info on Klayten, or to make a donation, please visit, or the Caisse populaire Alliance in Sturgeon Falls or Verner.

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Young family seeks helps as toddler battles serious disease


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